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Find B2B Leads with Lead Peep

Lead Peep provides you with instant access to millions of b2b leads to grow your customer and client base. Find leads by keyword, city and country.

Instant Lead Finder

Enter a keyword like realtor, accountant or plumber, select a city and country. Access thousands of leads instantly.

Powerful Search Filters

Hide leads without an email address, phone number, URL or zip code to ensure you're getting only the best business leads.

Export Lead Lists

Instantly export your business leads via Excel, CSV or PDF. Business name, email address, phone number and physical address included.


Lead Peep puts thousands of local b2b sales leads in the palm of your hand. Instantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lead Peep?

Lead Peep is an online lead finder for local lead generation, for use in cold emailing, cold calling and other direct marketing campaigns. Lead Peep helps you to find b2b leads locally, in any city, country and state around the world, in seconds.

How does Lead Peep work?

Give Lead Peep a keyword and city name and it will return thousands of relevant local leads including email address, website URL, phone number and postal address which can be exported in a CSV or Excel file for importing into cold emailing software, or CRM for use in other types of outreach campaigns.

Who can use Lead Peep?

Lead Peep is designed for b2b businesses who offer products and services to other businesses, either locally, nationally or internationally. It's a global lead generation tool, entirely cloud based so no need for downloading software. You can use Lead Peep to target local businesses who may find your product or service useful. It is not for b2c businesses.

Is Lead Peep an email scraper?

It scrapes much more than emails, but yes Lead Peep is an email scraper for local lead generation. As well as email addresses, Lead Peep will also scrape website URLs, phone numbers and postal addresses for all discovered businesses for use in outreach and direct marketing campaigns.

What are B2B leads?

B2B leads, or business to business leads, are sales leads in the form of email addresses, phone numbers and postal address details along with other relevant contact and business information that can be used to directly market your product or service to other companies. All gathered with our lead scraper.