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Lead Peep provides you with instant access to millions of b2b leads to grow your customer and client base. Find leads by keyword, city and country.

Instant Lead Finder

Enter a keyword like realtor, accountant or plumber, select a city and country. Access thousands of leads instantly.

Powerful Search Filters

Hide leads without an email address, phone number, URL or zip code to ensure you're getting only the best business leads.

Export Lead Lists

Instantly export your business leads via Excel, CSV or PDF. Business name, email address, phone number and physical address included.


Lead Peep puts thousands of potential new customers and clients in the palm of your hand. Instantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Lead Peep?

Lead Peep is an online lead finding tool that enables you to instantly find thousands of b2b leads to contact to increase your customer and client base by offering your product or services via cold emailing, calling and mailing.

How does Lead Peep work?

Enter a keyword for the type of businesses you're trying to find, such as realtor, accountant, dentist or plumber. Enter the city and country you'd like to search within and that's it. Instant, relevant leads for your business.

Who can use Lead Peep?

If you're a web design agency, maybe you'd like to work with dentists in London who don't yet have a website to offer to design one for them. All b2b businesses should be utilising the power of Lead Peep.

How much does Lead Peep cost?

You can start your new lead generation journey with Lead Peep from as little as £24.99 per month. There are larger plans for businesses with bigger plans, of course! You won't find cheaper sales leads anywhere else.