How it Works


01. Search for Leads

Enter a keyword, such as SEO, Web Design or Realtor, and then choose a city or state, and finally a country. We will find as many leads as we can in your chosen location(s). Bulk searches including multiple cities, states and countries at one time are also available, but only on our professional plan.


02. Filter Your Leads

Use our powerful search filters to remove leads without an email address, website URL, phone number or postal address. Depending on your goal, these filters will help you to get only the data that you need, saving you time and money.


03. Lead Validation

We won’t just throw any leads at you, we only show you leads which have been verified by cross-referencing the data we find across many different sources to ensure accuracy. Outreach and direct marketing is hard enough with accurate data, so we don’t want any inaccuracies in our data. Yippee!


04. Export Leads

Your leads can be exported from our system in CSV or PDF format, or in a format to help with targeting on Facebook or Google Ads. You can even print a list of the leads, too.

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