Great for those just getting started or those only requiring a small number of leads per month.

  • 18 searches per day
  • 2,000 leads per day
  • Worldwide Data
  • Limited Support




Perfect for those who are gunning for the next level with their businesses. More leads!

  • 50 Searches per day
  • 7,000 leads per day
  • Worldwide Data
  • Additional Lead Data
  • Extended Support




This is the plan for the biggest lead fiends out there. Perfect for agencies, freelancers and affiliates.

  • 300 Searches per day
  • 45,000 leads per day
  • Worldwide Data
  • Bulk Keyword / City Search
  • API Access
  • Bulk Export / Faster Scanning

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You can choose between a Basic and a Premium Plan.
Make your own decision.

Frequently asked questions

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No – all of our plans are monthly rolling and can be cancelled at any time via your account.

Once you have performed a lead search, the results can be exported via a number of formats including CSV and PDF. You can also export them as a custom audience fro Facebook Ads, or an Adwords CSV.

You can also print your leads.

That depends on the plan you choose, and also the type of businesses you’re targeting. Some industries will deliver more results than others, naturally.

With our started plan you can get up to 2,000 leads per day, or with our expert plan you can get as many as 45,000 leads per day. So whatever your business model or goals are, there is a plan suitable to you.

Lead Peep is a very efficient and powerful system and has been refined to perform lead searches very quickly. 30 seconds to 1 minute is usually the most you’ll wait for your leads to be found.

Yes, most definitely. We knew this was an important feature.

Imagine you’re a web design company and want to contact all accountants in the UK to offer your services, it’d be very slow to do it city by city, one by one. With our bulk search feature, you can enter multiple cities at one time and get all of the results compiled together in one go ready to export, saving you time, and money. It’s so powerful.